Pennyco Productions Studio is a small format facility that specializes is audio recording, mixing, and post production. We recently began working in video post production with a focus on delivery for the web.


Mac running OSX

PC running Windows XP & Windows 7


Avid Pro Tools

Apple Logic Audio

Cakewalk SONAR Producer

Ableton Live

Apple Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Color, Compressor)

Sony Vegas

Additional audio plug-ins from Waves, Native Instruments, Universal Audio

Additional video plug-ins from Red Giant and Boris FX


Lynx Aurora 8 audio interface

Apogee Duet audio interface

Avid Mbox

Audient ASP 008 8 channel pre-amp

Toft ATC-2 stereo pre-amp/compressor/EQ

Golden Age Pre-73 (Neve 1073) pre-amp

Studio Projects SP008 8 channel preamp

ART Digital MPA stereo tube preamp

FMR RNC compressor

Joemeek VC3Q preamp/compressor/EQ

DBX 266XL compressor

DBX ProVocal vocal processor

TC Electronics M300 multi effects processor

Presonus Central Station studio monitoring interface

SM Pro Audio HP6 Headphone amplifier

Presonus HP4 headphone amplifier

Frontier Designs Tranzport

Countour Designs Shuttle Pro


Mackie HR-824

KRK Rockit 5

EQUIPMENT LIST – Microphones

Blue Baby Bottle

Oktava MK-012 – factory matched pair

Studio Projects C3

Studio Projects TB1

Apex 205 ribbon – modified with Lundhal transformers (2)

Senneheiser e604 (3)

Nady CM95 (2)

AKG C2000B

AKG C1000

Shure SM57 (2)

Shure SM58

EQUIPMENT LIST – Instruments

Yamaha YDP113 digital Stage Piano

Axiom 49 keyboard controller

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

Tacoma Chief acoustic guitar

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