Audio/Video Samples

Here are some samples of recent projects.

Matt Koelsch & The Allies

Matt Koelsch & the Allies

Boston sensation Matt Koelsch and his group the Allies tracked drums, bass, acoustic guitar and vocals at Pennyco Productions for their upcoming debut EP. Here are some samples from the final masters.

Wall Street

Tow You In

Running With the Bulls

Against the Night

Soul Force 5 –  EP

Jeff Buckridge, Dave Walker & John Iltis

The great Henley Douglas Jr. and his group Soul Force 5 recently came through to record and mix their first EP. The group includes some of the finest musicians on Boston’s North Shore and a super-talented young lead vocalist. The EP was produced by Squantch, the very well-known live and studio performer and touring musician, also the group’s trombonist and didgeridoo player. We captured the sound and vibe of Soul Force 5 as you would hear them live with deep soul and funky grooves.

Here are a few samples. For more information visit them online on Facebook or at their web site

I’ve Been Thinking

Voodoo Child

We Can Work It Out

Yellow Moon

Sound Unda

Cramp Your Style

Good Thing

Los Sugar Kings – 30 Second Spot

This spot was created from a recently filmed live concert and used Photoshop, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro and Compressor.

Los Sugar Kings – Live concert video

Recently we captured audio and video for a Los Sugar Kings concert on a four camera shoot. Multi-track audio was recorded off the live mixing console. Video editing in Final Cut Pro. Here is a song from the concert.

Ramona Borthwick Quartet – One of Us

Working alongside producer/guitarist Noel Borthwick, Ramona Borthwick’s latest release entitled ” One of Us” was mixed at Penny Productions Studio. The music, composed by Ramona Borthwick is masterful and they worked with some of the finest musicians in New York on the album including trumpet player Ingrid Jensen,  bassist Johannes Weidenmueller and drummer Adam Cruz. Visit

Tony Lombardi – Singer/Songwriter – Sleep

Tony Lombardi is a very talented singer and songwriter in Boston. Here is a video of Tony performing his song “Sleep”.

Sugalito Trio

Three of the finest guitarists performing in New England came together to form the Sugalito Trio in 2009. Playing in this acoustic format gave each of these terrific guitarists a chance to shine on their instruments and perform some challenging compositions.

Click to hear Justin’s Song

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